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Quiet thoughts, moments spent listening, silence….all good things. Things that don’t scare an introvert like me!  But this introvert is learning some important things. Like community is important, sharing thoughts & ideas in constructive ways is important, that loving well is important, & that kindness really does matter! I have learned that sharing in community and building relationships mean so much more to me today than they ever have! I’m not a kid anymore, I’ve lived some life. I’ve wandered sometimes far from where I should be but that’s the thing about life, it always propels you forward…sometimes joyfully and sometimes kicking and screaming! This is my place, my quiet thoughts, my writings & ramblings! Join me here and you might find that you don’t always agree with what I have to say and that’s really okay. Or, maybe, we’ll find that we have a little bit in common after all! All I ask is that as we journey here that we are kind to one another, that we ALWAYS use our manners, & when needed…challenge one another in a good & positive way!

A little bit about me….  I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother. I love to read, to travel, to listen to all kinds of music, to hang out in coffee shops. (I don’t drink coffee.. actually, I don’t even like coffee!) Organizing makes me happy! Spending time in Haiti makes me feel more things than I can say in one sentence, or maybe even in a hundred sentences! Talking to friends about anything and everything is an amazing way to spend a couple of hours!  Hanging out with my kids & husband is the best thing I can think of doing!

This life is a journey & every day I learn something new….& I am grateful…for the people I get to live life with & for a Father who loves me! I am messy & strong-willed & mouthy & sassy. I am  uniquely created…..I am a daughter of a king. Even on the bad days, the sad days, even on the days when I act like a brat, or the days my faith is shaken……He is enough for me. He is a good, good Father!

You are welcome here……